Poster to commemorate 10 IndyCar championships for Target Chip Ganassi Racing
Facebook banner and profile images for Chip Ganassi Racing Teams.
Often in motorsports, a particular view of a car will be needed for some promotional purpose, and if the original photoshoot did not include that view, we may have to digitally render the correct paint scheme and decals onto another car that has the correct view. In this example, I took the actual shot from the Honey Nut Cheerios 33 car photoshoot (top image), and used it at the base to apply the desired paint scheme (Cheerios 31 car, bottom image). This involves intricate masking, retouching, added layers and new highlights and shadows to be added using Photoshop.
Print ad
Event poster with generic date and time area that is filled in by venue/store manager, to promote the touring show car appearance for that locale.
Collectible calendar poster designed for Texaco/Havoline Racing's European market, featuring driver Juan Pablo Montoya and the Texaco/Havoline No. 42 Racing pit crew. Project sub-contracted through Sunrox Sports Media. Cole Holbrook, Art Director. 
Collectible souvenir poster for Havoline Racing and driver Juan Pablo Montoya.
Print ad for motorsports magazine placement.
Design for life size "standee" (cardboard cutout), placed in retail locations.
Design for life size "standee" (cardboard cutout), placed in retail locations.
Design for life size "standee" (cardboard cutout), placed in retail locations.
Infographic used on social media sites to promote and educate about the relatively new GRC (Global Rally Cross) racing series, for Chip Ganassi Racing.
Point-of-sale materials (static cling, counter top and cooler banners).
Print media flyer to promote community day at Chip Ganassi Racing's shop/headquarters.
Billboard ad designed for placement in eastern European market.
CART racing media guide, for Gigante Racing team.
Cover for press guide.
Letterhead design for Havoilne Racing.
Letterhead design for Conagra Foods Racing
Letterhead design for Axalta Racing.
Ticket holder/pocket for race tickets.
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